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Meeting dates

We meet from 6:30 - 8:30pm on every other Monday 

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Minutes & Agendas

Here at SAYC we think it is important to properly record what we do and plan to do at our meetings so that we can be productive and clear. We upload our minutes and agendas below as word documents: if you're having problems accessing these please contact us and we can email them to you in another format.

I’m the chair of the Youth Council and so far I have very much enjoyed the time I’ve spent with the council. Being here has really built up my confidence and given me a chance to express myself and really make a difference – something I know many young people don’t feel they can do. The council has become like a family to me and I have met so many wonderful people.

Maddy ~ Chair ~ 2015

Hi my name is Jamie and I joined St Albans Youth Council around a year ago due to my general interest in politics and the work that SAYC has done in the local community especially in regards to mental health. Through SAYC I have been able to meet some amazing people both in and outside the world of politics as well as attending multiple events such as conferences and takeover days presenting me with opportunities that I would not have otherwise received. Overall I really enjoy the work done by the Youth Council and the meetings we hold as I really feel we have the ability to make a difference to young people within our community.

Jamie ~ vice Chair ~ 2015

Hi my name’s Katie. I joined the Youth Council at the beginning of 2014 and have really enjoyed being more involved in my community and being able to make a difference to issues that are important to me. My role within the youth council is to run the website which I really enjoy. I heard about the SAYC through an advert for it which really grabbed my attention. Everyone was really welcoming and I’ve got involved with the projects right from the start. It is really nice to realise that there are many more ways to make a difference to the community that it may initially seem.

Katie ~ Secretary and Chair of the message in a bottle sub group ~ 2015

I joined the youth council around a year and a half ago now. I was looking for something to do that would make a difference, rather than just always sitting around with my friends, and when I met the youth council members, I knew it was the right place for me. As a member of SAYC, I feel as though we are helping people, and it gives you great experiences – such as public speaking and communication. I hope to continue being able to help with important projects and really making a difference in our community.

Ellie ~ co-chair of Mental Health Sub group ~ 2015

Hi my name is Izzy. I joined youth council a couple of months ago, as I became increasingly interested in making an impact in my community and getting involved in various projects and making a difference. I heard about the work my friend was doing, particularly in mental health and saw the difference it was making. I was quiet nervous about joining but I have really enjoyed making new friends and discussing topics we are passionate about. The youth council has helped me to become a more confident person and it has given me much more of a voice in matters that people do care about. I look forward to developing important projects and making more of an impact in my community.

Izzy ~ Co-chair of Mental health sub group - 2015

I am Louise and I have been a member of the Youth Council for about one year now. I joined the SAYC as my older sister used to be the chair. I have enjoyed working as part of a team with the other members of the Youth Council. I am looking forward to working with the mental health sub-committee to learn aspects of mental health.

Louise ~ HERTS 1125 rep ~ 2015

Hi, I’m Jessica and I have been a dedicated member of St.albans Youth Council for just under a year. I got involved with the council through another organisation called Young Minds, which introduced me to the council because of their amazing work on mental health. Before joining the council I was completely unaware of how significant my voice could be in changing important matters but being part of the council helped me realise that I can easily help my community by taking on different and very versatile projects to improve my area.

Jessica ~ HERTS 1125 rep ~ 2015

My name is Charlotte and I joined the youth council about a year ago. I enjoy the meetings because I feel like we are making a difference and my voice is being heard. I feel very comfortable in the group and I’ve made many new friends.

Charlotte ~ Social secretary ~ 2015

Hi, I’m Julia and I have been a member of SAYC for nearly two years. Currently, my role is chair of the sub-group for The Film Club. I really enjoy attending youth council meetings as I get to meet lots of new people and I feel like I’m making a difference. I’m excited for the future work we do as a youth council.

Julia W ~ Chair of film club sub group ~ 2015

I have only recently joined the Youth Council after hearing about it from some of my friends who are already Youth councillors. I had also heard about all the work the Youth Council was doing on mental health and this, as a topic of interest to me, made me want get involved. Everyone has been really welcoming, and I am very much looking forward to being more involved within the local community and making a beneficial impact through the projects the Youth Council is developing.

Julia H

Hi I’m Emma and I am joint chair of the Sustainability Subgroup. I joined the Youth Council in February this year (2015) as one of my friends did it and it sounded really interesting. I have really enjoyed being on the Youth Council as we discuss many issues affecting young people and I have done stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to do with any other clubs I do such as the RSPH course.

Emma ~ Chair of the SUSTAINABILITY subgroup ~ 2015

I am Stevie and I enjoy being involved. I joined the St Albans Youth Council about 6 months ago and I love it. It’s great to have an influence on issues that affect us. It’s also nice to meet so many lovely people.

Stevie ~ Chair of Christmas tea sub group ~ 2015

Hi, my name is Eliza and I’m currently chair of the RSPH sub group at SAYC. I joined in May 2015 and love the variety of people and projects at SAYC. I believe that RSPH is a key group as it equips young people with the skills and information they need to help their peers; 12 members of SAYC completed the course in late 2015 and are now working as Youth Health Champions. One of the key aims of the youth council is to help and represent young people in St Albans and I believe that this course has helped the Youth Health Champions understand the needs and services for young people in Hertfordshire.

Eliza ~ Chair of the Royal Society of Public Health SUB GROUP ~ 2015

Who are your Youth Councillors?

Each member of the Youth Council has written a short bio below:

Hey my name’s Eleanor and I have just joined the Youth Council. I love it! I can’t wait to get more involved in the projects and give back to my local community.


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